Property Management Services

As experienced property managers we understand that owning a rental property can have many tenant issues or loss in rent. This can prove to be time consuming and expensive.

What our services include:

  • Strategic advertising on our website and many of our networking resources
  • Open homes Interviewing and background checks on potential tenants
  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Collection of rents
  •  Monthly invoices
  • Statement and maintenance reports
  • House and property inspections – including photographic and maintenance prediction reports
  • Tenancy tribunal service and assistance

Rental Assessments & Advertising

We will undertake a detailed onsite inspection of your property and provide an estimate of the current market rental income for your property.

We will show your property and assist in the tenant selection procedure and provide Residential Tenancy Agreements.

Prospective tenants will be able to contact Viva via our details provided on the advertisement listings or through our website.

We will select tenants according to your preferences, and only once our initial interviews and background checks have been completed.

All rental agreements and associated tenancy and bond forms are signed by each party according to the Residential Tenancy Act 1986.

Copies of all signed forms and agreements are provided to the Landlord, Tenant and kept on file with Viva Property Management.

We will collect a minimum of 3 weeks rent as a bond on each property; this is lodged with the Department of Building and Housing as required by law.

Bonds are signed off and released upon a tenant existing the tenancy only once a final inspection of the property has been completed and all parties are satisfied the property has been left in a clean and tidy condition without damage as per original possession.

Rents Collected

Viva Property Management have a no tolerance approach to rent arrears and work within the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 to remedy late payments and reinstate regular timely rent payments where necessary.

Rent payments are confirmed daily via our online bank accounts.  In the event a rent payment is not received on the due date, the tenant is contacted by phone a formal, written, 14 day notice to remedy is issued.  If the tenants fails to make contact, we will personally attend the property to resolve the issue.

We prepare all applications for dispute resolution under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.  We will attend, on your behalf, mediation and any Tenancy Tribunal hearings until the issue is resolved to a satisfactory level.

Financial Information 

We will compile and send via post or email monthly invoices detailing rents collected and any payments made on your behalf.

We are happy to make payments i.e. Council Rates, Water Rates, Insurance or other specified payments on your behalf.

Our service is fully tax deductable.